Kali Linux with intel OpenCL

Kali Linux with intel OpenCL Also receiving the following error using KALI, HASHCAT and your Intel CPU -> clGetDeviceIDs(): CL_DEVICE_NOT_FOUND Then follow these steps -> $ mkdir intel-opencl $ tar -C intel-opencl -Jxf intel-opencl-r3.1-BUILD_ID.x86_64.tar.xz $ tar -C intel-opencl -Jxf intel-opencl-devel-r3.1-BUILD_ID.x86_64.tar.xz $ tar -C intel-opencl -Jxf intel-opencl-cpu-r3.1-BUILD_ID.x86_64.tar.xz $ sudo cp -R intel-opencl/* / $ sudo ldconfig […]

T-Pot HoneyPot

Yesterday I came across a really great Honeypot. Since I don’t have much time I just repost their main page -> source T-Pot is based on Ubuntu Server 14.04.4 LTS. The honeypot daemons as well as other support components being used have been paravirtualized using docker. This allowed us to run multiple honeypot daemons on […]

IMF Walkthrough (Vulnhub)

Geckom uploaded his first vulnerable machine to vulnhub.com. As posted before you can find a lot of (mostly) virtualbox images which are vulnerable in several ways. Usually there is one goal, find an x number of flags with the last flag being available only when you rooted the system. The vulnerabilities range from insecure web […]

Nemucod, the dropped files

Yesterday I posted a blog about Cuckoo  & Nemucod. It looked like the Nemucod sample downloaded 2 files successfully, but after reading the Kahu Security write up of the same sample, stating that there were no successful downloads, I immediately had a look this morning what was in the files. Both dropped files just state […]

Analyse Malware & Ransomware with Cuckoo

Analyse Malware and Ransomware with Cuckoo Last week I started with manual debugging a file which I received from Advissa Ludvinka, a non-existing person. Since the beginning of this year I picked up my old passion for debugging malware & viruses, looking into buffer overflows, playing capture the flags on-line (root-me.org, ctf365), off-line (application) penetration […]

Advissa Ludvinka sends me Nemucod

-> Will update along debugging. Javascript is heavily scrambled so not that easy to read. Out of curiosity I decided to have a better look at an attachment that came with a spam message this week. The message has no written content and a subject “Receipt 7068-586205” Apparently the mail was sent from a mailserver […]

Using SQLMap for SQL injection in SOAP Service

I spent way too much time behind the terminal lately. Since setting up my test lab with Kali, Metasploitable2, Mutillidae (2.6.40) it’s all terminal and no gardening. As posted before, Mutillidae is “a a free, open source, deliberately vulnerable web-application providing a target for web-security enthusiest.” You can find the whole feature list at the […]