Setting up Azure Hybrid Cloud with Pfsense

Setting up Azure Hybrid Cloud with Pfsense Coming in the next few days is a manual how to setup your own Hybrid Cloud using Pfsense and Azure. I must say it’s not a full hybrid cloud because I’m not able to run Azure Stack on premise. Some parts will not be part of the manual […]

The remote server returned an error (403) Forbidden

It seems that the new Azure Powershell version (03-03-2016) gives a problem with existing Visual Studio Azure Resource Manager projects that use a SAS token to download a custom script from a storage blob. The generated SAS token seems to be valid because the assembled blob link enables you to download the custom script from […]

Remove all Azure Resources belonging to an Azure Virtual machine

I wrote a basic powershell script (first version, needs to be cleaned and updated) to remove all resource belonging to a selected virtual machine. The selection is done from a simple drop down menu which holds all the VM’s in the selected subscription. I found it very time consuming to click through the portal searching […]

Windows Azure Pack and RBAC

Windows Azure Pack not having any RBAC capabilities is, in my view and the view of the community , a big show-stopper for a lot of companies to implement this on premise. At least this is mostly true when you want to provide external tenants (so not your own internal departments) with some sort of […]

You must first register Service Management Automation @ WAP portal

I’ve did several Azure Pack installations lately which ended up with a registered Service Management Automation end point registered @ the WAP Admin portal but with a message @ the VM Cloud’s automation tab stating that “you must first register Service Management Automation”. You can easily redo the registration by first running the ps commands […]